Natural Abilities Are No Substitute For The Spirit of ~GOD~

In {MATTHEW 25} we find the parable of the wise and foolish virgins–five who had their lamps filled with oil and five who did not. When the bridegroom came, the ones with oil were ready and the ones without oil were left. We know that throughout the Bible, oil is representative of the Spirit of GOD. We cannot accomplish what GOD has called us to accomplish in the natural. We can only accomplish GOD’s will through His Spirit.

There are many examples in the Bible that shed light on this thought. In {JUDGES 13-16} we find the story of Samson. He was a man who was called and Anointed of GOD who found himself in compromising positions with the world. By sharing the secret of his strength and allowing his hair to be cut, he lost his GOD-Given Strength.

We find in {MARK 4} an account of the disciples in a boat with JESUS. As they were crossing the sea, a great storm arose. The disciples tried everything they knew to keep the boat from sinking. No doubt they used every bit of natural strength and wisdom they had, but to no avail. After they had given up on their natural abilities, they went to JESUS and said, “Master do you not care if we perish?” JESUS walked to the front of the boat and simply said, “Peace Be Still,” and a great calm came over the sea. Their natural abilities could not accomplish what JESUS had just done.

These are three accounts of many in the Bible where people have tried, for good reasons, to use only their natural abilities. It is easy for all of us to follow the same path. Many times in my life I have become so busy I have neglected the things of GOD, thereby losing the Anointing. The danger of this position is many times this happens and we do not even realize it. There is no substitute for a right relationship with GOD that is developed through a daily communion with Him. Not only can we not accomplish what He has called us to do, but when tragedy strikes, we are weak and helpless and others suffer with us.

Are you running on your own natural abilities, going through the motions, doing what seems right while all the time neglecting your daily relationship with JESUS? Is it time to slow down from the hassles of this world and put first things first?

Devotion by John Ogden Sr.


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